Tales of Lorakain

Session 7

Have fun storming the castle....

After finishing the fight with the Dragoons in the village, the Party heard a horseman approaching. It was the Mayor’s herold, who informed them that the Mayor had set up a war camp a mile or so back and that their presance was requested.

After a short hike in the waining dusk, the Party arrived at the camp. They were shown to their tents and allowed to freshen up. Later they were summoned to the Mayor’s war council. The Mayor informed them that the Kyrandian Navy had finally arrived and was harrasing the Dragoon’s navel vessals. The navy’s arrivle combined with the Party’s actions meant that the Dragoons were in near full retreat and that many units fighting rear-guard delaying actions. Now was the time to strike at their power base.

The Mayor requested that the Party infintrate the keep in Red Dagger Rock, sieze any documents, a otherwise find out why the Dragoon’s were here. Keira Hawklight, came up with a plan to use the tabbards from the fallen Dragoon’s to attempt to bypass the gate guards after the main daily patrol left. With no other ideas, the Party donned the tabbards and set out towards the keep. They hid in a nearby copse of trees until the last patrol left.

The Party approached the gate, and were challanged by the Garrison captian a Thiefling. Kira lept into action quickly explaining the Party’s presance. They were almost into the castle, when in a final question to Kira, she lost the Thiefling’s trust. He ordered their capture. The party lept into action Kira, Tayvok Springfield, and Midshipmen Mirrin started shooting at the guards inside the barbican while the Rest of the Party left to climb up the walls.

Mikal (Michael) Graham fired several arrows into the wall forming a makeshift ladder for the rest to climb. Pieter Talbot and Konrad Hawkwood were the first to scale the walls soon followed by all save Tyvok. After a fierce battle with the defenders, the Party was soon in control of the lower motte of the keep. On the Thiefling the found a Retributive Longbow and some Fireburst Arrows which Mikal claimed.

They Party then ventured into the keep’s chapel and were best upon by the Dragoon’s High Templar and her diabolic host. After a lengthy melee, the Party prevailed and Tyvok found a Deep Pocket Cloak.



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