Tales of Lorakain

Session 6

Its the Final Count Down! deda du doo Du da dut dut doo Deda du doo

The evening that the party returned from the crypt, the Mayor conveaned another war council. He informed the council that thanks largely to the combined efforts of the Party, that the Dragoons were starting to consolidate back towards Red Dagger Rock and form a defensive perimiter closer to that city. He also said that he had been in contact with the other mayors from other villages and they had sent their militias foward to here and they first members of those militias had started to arrive that afternoon.

The Mayor asked the party if they would continue to help throw back the Dragoons before any of their reinforcements arrived to strengthen their foothold on the island. The Party agreed and they set out first hing in the morning to survey the defenses around Red Dagger Rock.

Just before they left, they were informed by the guard commander that a column of Dragoons was spotted heading south and that if they hurried they should be able to ambush them at one of the farmsteads that lined the main highway. The Party hurried to the farmstead, Keira Hawklight and Mikal (Michael) Graham helped to conceal their companions behind a cobblestone wall. The party waited until the column was in position and opened fire on them. The party made quick work of the line Dragoons and their guard dogs only to find their Lieutenants to be tougher then they had anticipated.

They searched the bodies and found some coin and a healing potion and they heard the hooves on an approaching horse. Readying their weapons, they found the horse to be bearing a messanger from the Mayor who informed them that their was trouble up the road and pointed off to the distance. Looking they saw the standard of the Dragoons and saw a handfull of them ransacking another farmstead. The rider wished them good luck and left.

The party approched the scean and saw a Dragoon in a red tabbard and 3 pink skinned dragoons with horns and black ichor flowing down their bodies, they were armed with heavy evil looking kopesh swords and wickedly barbed nets. The party moved in and the melee began. They soon found that the horned Dragoons were very adept at throwing the nets to engtangle their prey. Keira, Mikal, and Tayvok Springfield soon felt the barbs on the nets dig into their flesh and burn them, while they were pulled next to the thrower.

Soon 2 more Dragoons sprung from the buildings and began to flank the party working attack those that were in the nets. Pieter took down the red clad Dragoon and the situation deteriorated quickly for the Dragoons. One of the Dragoons that ambushed them from the buildings fled the combat while the rest fought to the man.

After taking a few moments to catch their breath and seach the bodies, the party heard a commotion from across the fields. Off in the distance, they could see some more Dragoon soilders, 2 horned pink-skinned individuals throwing flaming balls of pich, leading them was a large human in scale armor bearing a Black Tabbard with red and gold trim and heraldry riding an ebon steed woth flaming mane and hooves. The leader shouted a challange to the Party.

Quickly, the party lept into action with Mirin moving to intercept a majority of the Dragoons. The Dragoons leveled their muskets and shot the party with many of their shots striking home and severly wounding Tyvok and Mikal. The leader closed on his nightmareish steed and swung wildly at Pieter. Pieter, Kira, and Konrad closed and traded blows with the leader.

The leader sensing that he was overmatched, spured whis nightmare into action. The diabolic horse erupted into a cascade of flame and charged madly at the party, knocking several of them prone and spreading a wall of flame in his wake. The horse and rider then vanished into thin air, leaving only a thin sulfurous haze in their place.

Mikal, having been knocked down staggered to his feat and heard the cries of help from Tyvok, who was engulfed in the wall of flame, but nearly doubled over in pain and breathing very shallowly. Mikal took a moment to compose himself and then with a heroic effort, pushed Tyvok out of the flaming wake of the nightmare.

The rest of the party made short work of the remaning Dragoons and their pink-skinned companions. Searching the bodies revealed, 84 Soverigns and 300 Silver Pieces.



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