Tales of Lorakain

Session 4

Hunters in the Night, exchanging glances

The Party sailed into a smaller fishing village on the south side of the island form Red Dagger Rock, on board the fishing vessle that picked them up. On the way they noticed several large Gastonian flagged warships.

They pulled into port amid considerably more hustle and bustle then one would expect for a fishing ship that was 2 days past due. The Party settled up with the ship’s capitan and disembarked, glad to be in civilization once again. Keira Hawklight, Konrad Hawkwood, Pieter Talbot, and Mikal (Michael) Graham went to look for a store to buy various weapons and munitions, while Tayvok Springfield and Midshipmen Mirrin looked for lodging.

After re-supplying, the group met back at the only inn in the town, which was full with guests. The owner informed them that the inn was full and the only space in town for rent was the inn’s stables. Feeling bad about having to make the guests stay in the stables, he offered them cut rate prices with a free meal, and the group agreed. After a few hours spent relaxing and hearing some rumors about refugees from the north part of the island, the inn chamber was hushed by the town guard and the Mayor entering the pub.

The Mayor informed the gathered crowd, that the rumors that had been circulating for the last several days had been confirmed as true: The city of Red Dagger Rock, had been captured by a detatchment of Gastonians and several of the northern settlements had also fallen into their hands. A small murmor, quickly ramping up to a general clamor spread over the croud.

After regaining control of the crowd, the Mayor asked for volunteers to probe the enemy forces, observe them, and report back and also announced that he, along with other mayors would be forming a milita to secure the southern part of the island until Kyrandian soliders arrived. Several huntsmen and the Party volunteered to perfom the recconisance. The Mayor ordered a round of drinks on the town and told the volunteers to report to the his office in the morning for their assignments. Pieter, not wanting to spend the night in the stables stayed in the inn and flirted with several barmaids and female patrons, eventually hooking up with a elf-maid, named Annabella.

In the morning after meeting with the Mayor, the party departed the village and headed out to investigate some small farms north of the village. After about an hour or so, Mikal spotted a black plume of smoke rising above the hills. The Party climbed to the top of the hill and saw a group of men setting fire to a small hamlet. They raced to the last homestead that was not yet engulfed in flames and interrupted the soilders while they were intimidating a woman in her house.

The soldiers all had a black tabbard that has crimson piping on the edge and a device of 3 crimson 7’s arranged in a circle with the tails all touching each other surrounded by a crimson circle. Konrad recognized the device as belonging to the Gastonian mercenary company Dumant’s Dragoons. Specifically, the 7th redgiment, “Chasseurs Noir” or “The Night Hunters”.

Konrad quickly informed the Party of the Dragoon’s notariety as a top notch mercenary group. When one of them spotted the Party and commanded them to “move along”. Kira and Konrad rebutted with gunshots that took out one of the 4 soliders. The hunting dogs jumped the stone fence and attacked Pieter and Konrad, while the other 3 Soilders fired upon Kira and Mirrin. Mirrin rushed into the frey and tied up one of the dogs and a soilder while Mikal let loose 2 arrows at another soilder. Tyvok took down a dog with a force bolt while Kira dispatched another soilder. With their numbers depleated, the remaining soilders were no match for the Party and soon fell under their blades.

Then, the Party heard the grating sound of metal sliding on metal, as the farm house door opened, revaling a human woman, who introduced herself as Ilyandra. She thanked the party for their assistance and refused to leave her farm. The Party continued north and after about an hour came upon a small trading center with 4 buildings.

It quickly became apperant that something was wrong with the outpost as, other then the Party, no one was outside and the area was generally quiet save some jublient celebratory sounds coming from the tavern. Kira snuck up to a window and saw several Dragoons inside taking liberties with the tavern’s drink and food, also cowereing around a table by the bay window were several locals.

Keira silently started to creep back to her companions, when the Dragoon by the door noticed her and scolded her for having weapons. Keira retorted with a shot from her trusy pistol, which dropped the Dragoon. The Dragoons and the party quickly lept into action, as did the terrified locals who tried to run out of the bar. Some of the Dragoons cut down the fleeing locals and one slid out the back. Mikal went around to the back of the building to get eyes on the flanking Dragoon, only to be met by the butt of his musket in his gut, knocking Mikal prone. Mikal deftly managed to get off 2 shots with his bow and got the better of his assailent.

The party was dismayed to find the stables empty, no carts or wagons in the area, and the provisons and cash boxes drained. They did manage to find some coins on the defeated soliders, as well as some encrypted documents. With the dusk approaching, they headed back to the fishing village.

The village was still abustle and the local inn was quickly becoming the milita headquartes. The Mayor, pleased to see the Party return, asked them what they had seen. The party turned over the encrypted papers and told the mayor of their findings. A while later, the Mayor approched the party and said that the documents contained not only troop strengths, but also notes about a special delivery wagon that would be traveling along the main road heading to Red Dagger Rock this evening. The mayor said it was vitaly important, that that wagon NOT be allowed to reach the saftey of the enemy base and asked the Party to detain it, stating they could keep any money or items that they desired from the wagon.

The Party left the village, Pieter leaving behind another forlorn lass. Under the watchful eyes of Keira, Konrad, and Mikal the party carefully chose the location for the ambush and concealed their positions. A few hours before dawn, the sound of a horse and wagon could be heard along with the steady sounds of soilders marching in column. In front of the wagon the moon light glimmered off of he metal armor of a war dog.

The Party waited until the wagon was in optimal position and lept into action. Keira, Konrad, and Mirrin finished off the horse with ease. Pieter, Mikal, and Tyvok moved to silence some of the soilders guarding the wagon. The guards with practiced precision, fought off the ambush. Keira took am expertly placed bayonet to her vitals. Soon after the ground around her and Mirrin sprouted flaming tenticles that grabbed at both of them. The intense heat was too much for Keira and she passed out.

Tyvok lauched a salvo of spells at the wagon driver and the passanger on the front. A soilder who was left unattended loaded his musket and drew a bead on Tyvok. The shot rang out and struck Tyvok true. Tyvok stumbled back a few steps, only his dwarven resolve kept him from falling.

Keira managed to shake off the gripping darkness of unconciounsess and crawled back into action. She crawled into the shadows and took a few moments to catch her breath. Konrad, seeing her shouted out a few words of encouragement (“Get back into the Fight you yellow bellied scallywag”), before dropping his musket and charging the soilder that had shot Tyvok.

Mikal, having had a bad experiance with the war dogs earlier in the day, decided to make that his primary concern and loosed 2 arrows, one of which shattered on the beasts iron hide the other struck true.

The front passanger, (now the Party could see better in the firelight) had on a crimson tabbard that had the reverse colored device on it. He muttered an incantation, and the ground around Pieter and Konrad blossomed into the firey tenticals, which wrapped themselves around their legs, hindering their movement, and rolled off the side of the wagon.

Keira and Mirrin crawled (walked for Mirrin) under the wagon and caught the red tabbered soilder by suprise. Pieter and Mikal managed to finish off the iron hound and Konrad and Tyvok continued to deplete the ranks of the escorts. The leader fell under the knives of Mirrin and Keira and the last soilder was dispatched soon after.

The Party opened the back of the wagon and found some dry goods, a few casks of wine, a chest filled with coins and gems, and a woman that was bound, gagged, and had a sack over her head. Upon freeing her, they discovered that the captive was none other then Lorakain Coppersmith, the Loremistress of Red Dagger Rock. Lorakain immediately recognized Tyvok and was suprised to see him here. Tyvok gave her the package that he had been tasked with delivering to her. She opened it revealing a wonderfully detailed tome that displayed the history of Kyrandia in both text and lovingly made hand drawings.

Lorakain, told the Party that she would see them back at the fishing village and that she needed to inform the Mayor of a new development before it was too late. Konrad and Tyvok suggested that she stay with them for saftey. She said she could travel faster by herself and that she had a few tricks to avoid her re-capture. Saying her good-byes she vanished into the rising dawn.

The Party searched the bodies and found that the red tabbered soilder had on a suit of Pelarium Chain Mail, which Konrad quickly put on. After surveying their handy work, the party marched “home” to the fishing village…



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