Tales of Lorakain

First Session

The tiny ship was lost...

After setting out from Queenstown, the Moonshadow was happily on her way to Red Dagger Rock. The voyage had been a failure as far as priveteering went, but was otherwise routine.

A week or so out of Red Dagger Rock, a storm came up during the night. The ship’s alarm bell was sounded to summon all hands above deck. The Moonshadow was tossed about on the open seas amd her rigging was torn from the masts. A lighting bolt crashed down upon the ship and sent the mast crashing through the deck. Water started flooding the holds and the mighty ship was lost to St. Melora’s bosom. The crew of the Moonshadow abandoned ship.

Keira, Pieter, Mikal, Konrad, Alexander, and Tayvok awoke at daybrake on the beach of a nearby island. After searching the nearby area, they spotted some debris landing far west of them. The group set out to the west to search the flotsom and attempted to scrounge up some provisons along the coast. Several hours later, they found the debris and the bodies of several of the crew. All of the crew was dead, except for Mirrin, who had shallow breathing, clammy skin, and a high feaver. Among the debris, they found the ship’s lock box which contained 120 gold soverigns (gp) and 2 small vials of healing.

Kiera was able to determine that based on the Moonshadow’s last know position and the wind direction, that they were on a “provision” island that had a naturally proteced harbor on its souther side. She also said that if this were in fact that island their should be a fresh water stream about a half hour from the current position. Mikal saw to Mirrin’s condition and was able to stabalize her. He also spent some time building a travois to carry her.

The group then set off and found the river and started following it inland. After while, the group was ambushed by a band of dwarf sized bi-pedal frogs. Initially the frogs had the heroes on the ropes as they outnumebred them over 2 to 1. Hurling crudely made javilins shooting darts from blowguns. Mikal bravely covered Tayvok by shooting 2 of the frogs and his 2 targets returned the favor and shot him with blow guns that impeaded his ability to move.

Pieter and Kiera rushed foward and slaughtered several of the lesser frog men and Konrad having met the warband’s leader in single combat felled him with onw might blow from his battle axe. The warband began to flee but the heroes cut them down in their flight and only 1 manged to get away. After searching the bodies and tending to their wounds, the party found some coin and a bronze bracer with some crude carving on it. Konrad took the bracer as a trophy from his foe and a reminder of his migthy felling strike.

The party continued along the river and found a fresh water lagoon and water fall that fed the river. Mikal,Kiera, and Tayvok spent some time foraging and fishing and Mikal also saw to Mirrin still unable to cure her feaver. The group decided to spend the night at the lagoon before braving the climb up the cliffs to continue their crossing of the island.

In the morning after spending a few mmoments gathering some more fruit and once again unsucessfully trying to rouse Mirrin, they climbed the rough rock wall by the water fall to a plateau. On the plateau they found their inland progress blocked by the steep mountian spinal ridge of the island. They soon discovered a cave near another waterfall. Cautiously, the party ventured inside.

After decending a some roughly hewn slimy stairs they cam upon a room with a illuminecent pool surounded by a room carved from the surrounding rock. In the room were some more of the frog men who were quickly dispatched and the party set off further into the catacombs past a renforced wooden portculis.



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