Firearm Basics

*Basics: *
All Firearms share proficancy slots with Crossbows. As such, they use the Crossbow Expertise feat and Weapon Focus Crossbow feat and any other feat that gives a benefit for cross bows. The specific type of crossbow they share proficency with is included in the specific fire arm description

As a relatively new invention, firearms may not be enchanted. However you automatically use the Inherant bonuses with them even though the campaign does not use them normally.

Load Movement: You must sacrifice your move action to reload the weapon. As normal, attack powers that allow for more then 1 shot assume the reload in the power.

Use the price and weight for Sling Bullets. This also includes the cost of the powder to go with the shot.

Powder Horn:
Use the price and weight for a waterskin. Each powder horn can hold enough powder for 40 shots

Firearm Basics

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