Currency List by Nation

Kyrandia Coinage

Pound Royal = Platinum Pieces
Gold Soverigns = Gold Pieces
Silver Eagles = Silver Pieces
Pennys = Copper Pieces

Andalusian Coins

Pieces of Eight = Platinum Pieces
Doubloons = Gold Pieces
Pesos = Silver Pieces
Centavos = Copper Pieces

Liturnian Coins

The Liturnian League no longer produces their own currency but uses coin from other nations on an equal value according to the weight of the coin. The current standard weights are those used by Andalusia.

As the common Kyrandian coins have more base metal in them then precious metal, this often leads to Kyrandian merchants having to pay more then their Andalusian counter parts. The rarer Kyrandian coins are pure precious metal and are worth more then their Andalusian counterparts, however they are not common and rarely seen outside of the Royal Exchequer’s Office or the treasurey.

Currency List by Nation

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