creation guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines:

Dark Sun Campaign Book

NOTHING from the Dark Sun Campaign book may be used without permission or unless stated below.

You are allowed to use the DS Fighter build (Arena Fighter) and the Fighter Powers.
You are allowed to use the DS Warlock Powers
You are allowed to use the DS Battlemind build and Powers

NOTE: The following are guidelines if you want to play something that is not allowed below come up with a good reason why and we can discuss it further.

Player Character Races:

Only Races that are in PHB 1 and 2 can be used along with Drow, Gensai, Warforged, and Githzari.

Character Classes:

Primal classes are not available at game start because the party hails from an area where the known world is akin to 1500 to 1600 CE Europe.

The E-Ranger (both builds are allowed) as they are Primal & Martial


All allowed if you meet the requierments


You can use non-Dark sun theams


Pelor is the only true “God”. The other dieties exist, but are all “Patron Saint of XXX”. If you are a divine class, you can still choose to favor a Patron saint to get access to various “Power of XXX” feats and Divine Power swap feats.

Example: Tom is making an Avenger and likes the Power of Skill feat’s ability to allow Overwhelming Strike to be used as a MBA. So he chooses Ioun, the Patron Saint of Knowledge and Skill as his “Diety”.

creation guidelines

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