Church Hierarchy

Ordained ranks organized from lowest to highest rank:

Father/ Mother/ Priest – The lowest level of Ordainment. They are in charge of 1 church/ congregation.

Grandfather/ Grandmother – In charge of a collection of smaller churches and usually have a personal charge of a large city.

Patrician/ Matriarch – In charge of several Grandfathers/ grand mothers. Typically there is 1 per Duchy. Typically have a personal charge of a Major city.

Grand Patrician/ Grand Matriarch – In charfe of all Particians/ Matriarchs in 1 nation or larger geographic area for larger nations. Typically they have no personal charges outside of the Royal families of the nations.

Prime Legate – The head of the Chuech of Pelor/ Amanatur. So far only males have been elected as Prime Legates. Has a large advisory staff made up of lesser ordained clergy. Has a personal charge of the entier world, and specifically Liturn.

Non-Ordained Ranks:

Brother/ Sister – Rank and File members of militaristic and theological monastic traditions

Brother/ Sister Superior – Senior memeber of the monastic orders responsible for the day to day operation of the order. Usually reports to a Father/ Mother or Grandfather/ Grandmother.

There are sever other outdated terms for lay leaders of smaller congregations that lack a permanant Cleric.

Church Hierarchy

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