Brief History of the World untill the today

Over the last thousand years or so the “civilized” nations have gradually pushed out the barbarian invaders and either assimilated or destroyed them. With the push back of the barbarian invaders (including orcs, goblins, kobolds, et al), most of the fantastical creatures, like giants, dragons, chimeras, have vanished from the main land and even creatures like orcs are mostly thought to be myths (not that their is an occasional band that has been hired as mercenaries every so often).

Having beaten back the outside invaders, the nations have turned their eyes on compeating with each other for rescources. This has lead to a period of protracted hot and cold wars where the various powers all have mostly been both allies and enemies of each other at one time or another.

This has lead mostly to a sort of grid lock on the home continent and drove the need for bigger and faster ships to explore new lands and carry home their treasures. In turn, this has lead to a series of proxy wars being fought for control of the shipping lanes/ harbors and territories themselves in the new lands, as well as the rise of Piracy/ Privateering.

At first, all that the explorers had discovered were various island chains several days off the coast of the main land. However in the last few years with new advances in navigation (both mundane and magical), have lead to the exploration ships being able to head out further to sea.

The exploration ships began to return with tales of far off lands with neverbefore seen creatures and wonders. The news spread like wild fire through out the kingdoms of the old world and soon each kingdom was sending out groups to colonize the newly discovered areas.

The campaign begins with the players having either grown up in the Colony of Lorakain, or its Capital Queenstown, named after the recently deceased Queen of Kyrandia, or traveled their to seek fame and fortune.

Brief History of the World untill the today

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