Tag: Wizard


  • Tayvok Springfield

    Born to a large family living in a small mining community, Tayvok was different from his siblings in that he showed no inherent love for the manual arts of mining or crafting. His mother is a skilled mining foreman, with the savy and skills to direct any …

  • Lord Brenner

    Lord Brenner is a cagey old man past middle age. He still has a very keen intellect and a wry barbed wit. He lives in the Queenstown Royal Arcane Library which is attached to the Governer's Palace, and

  • Lorakain Coppersmith

    Lorakain Coppersmith, so named because she was born on her namesake's corination, is a human female in her late 20s. She has mid length chestnut hair and greenish eyes. She is very capricious and a consamate flirt. Lorakain is a former student of …