Tales of Lorakain

Session 9

In to the mines with them!

Colette du L’Hommedieu one of the General’s bodyguards had been pushed into and locked inside frantically looked for a means of escape. She tore up a bed sheet to make a rope and drapped it out the window only to find that other then the door, the only exit was an arrowslit. Hearing the commtion outside die down, placed her weapons on the chair and sat down in the middle of the room and loudly announced that she surrendered.

While the party tied up their captive, looked for any notes, and couted their “payment” Keira Hawklight spotted a large number of torches on the outside of the keep’s walls. Several of the Party then went out onto the battlements and saw that the keep was surrounded and that the beseigers had cannons. Konrad Hawkwood and Pieter Talbot noticed that the sourrounding army had the Kyrandian heraldry.

The Party quickly flew the Kurandian colors proudly from the keep and opened the gates. After a quick sweep by the Kyrandian Marines, the Mayor entered followed by Duke Kenneth Greythorne. The Mayor introduced everyone and the Duke hartfully thanked the party.

The party turned over a pile of documents that they had found and Colette to the Mayor and Duke Greythorne. The Duke offered them a meal fitting of a king and their own personal tents. After the celebrations, the Party retired for the night.

In the morning, they were summoned to the Duke’s tent. They were greated by Duke Greythorne, the Mayor, Lorakain Coppersmith, and a half-orc soilder. After exchanging pleasntries, Duke Greythorn informed Pieter that the Church had another mission for him and he was to depart at once for the Kyrandia. He then introduced the half-orc as <toms>, who offered his services to the party.

Loremistress Lornakain, informed the party that after exhaustivly searching the captured documents and information gained from other prisoners, that the reason that the Dragoons had invaded was because their was an artifact of great power or other anchient relic buried somwhere that was accessable by the mine. However, the sources did not mention or know what it was, but apperently it was worthy of risking a war between Kyrandia and Gaston.

Duke Greythorne then presented the party with an exsqisite suit of hide armor and a finely crafted amulet of life along with nearly 1000gp as a reward and thanks from Her Majesty for saving her colony. He also offered them a new job, find what was in the mine and recover it from the Dragoon’s. As payment he offerd all that the treasure in the mine. Konrad Hawkwood pointed out that heir may be nothing in the mine and some gaurnteed compensation was needed. Duke Greythorne agreed and offerd each of them 100 gold soverigns each, the Party accepted and after a brief period re-provisioning themselves left for the mines.

At the mine entrance, they found a small group of guards. The guards refused the offer to surrender and were dut down to a man.



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