Tales of Lorakain

Session 8

Who's house???

The Party, near exhaustion after the fights to hold the lower motte decided to press on, knowing that if the rested they would be surrounded and if the retreated, their gains would be forfit and the information lost, possibly forever.

The broke into the inner courtyard and were met by a fusillade from the castle defenders. The valiently attempted to breach the keep’s baily only to be overwhelemed by the shock troopers inside. Seeing, the proverbial writing on the wall, Keira Hawklight hid and called upon the power of her armor to turn invisible. The rest of the Party was captured and taken to the dunjon.

The Party came to several hours later, split up into seperate rooms and manacled to the walls. Keira had still avoided detection by the defenders. She embarked on a dairing plan to free the Party and other prisoners. Shortly after, the party was free, had regained their possesions, and overcome their captors.

Among the Prisoners was Baron Stockmer, Governor of the colony. He told the Party about a secret servents entrance to his personal chambers. The Party decided upon a two-pronged assault with Keira, Midshipmen Mirrin, and Mikal (Michael) Graham taking the severants entrace while Pieter Talbot, Tayvok Springfield, and Konrad Hawkwood went up the main stairs.

The advanced party snuk up the stairs and burst into the room by suprise taking General Gustav and his dinner guest by suprise. While the main force were able to subue the hall sentries.

General Gustav grabbed his battle axe and attempted to escape down the main hall aided by his bodyguards that were in the other nearby chambers. He ran into Pieter and Tyvok, fighting the remianing sentry. He leveled the head of his axe at the intruders and a fan of hell-flame shot out invigorating the sentry and setting Pieter and Tyvok on fire. This effort proved to be in vain as he was quickly cut down by the party.



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