Tales of Lorakain

Session 5

And though your body fights to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. No mere mortal can resist the Evil of the Thriller!!

The Party, after saying their farewell to Lorakain Coppersmith, started their trek back to the fishing village. During the hike back, the sky opened up with a heavy downpour, slowing down the party. About an hour outside of town they came across a farm stead that was occupied by a dozen or so men of Dumont’s Dragoons, including one mounted on a rage drake. The Leader of the Dragoons issued an order to attack and the skirmish was on.

Keira Hawklight managed to gain entrance into a building and was using that as cover to protect herself from several Dragoons, while Mikal (Michael) Graham and Tayvok Springfield busied themselves picking off several lone Dragoons. Konrad Hawkwood and Pieter Talbot were assaulted by the Rage Drake, but stood their ground.

After a few moments the party defeated the Dumant’s Dragoon patrol and hurried off to the fishing village to escape the driving rain. They arrived at the village exhausted from their midnight ambush, the long day marching, and being soaked to the bone by the rain. The town guard intercepted them on their way to the in and told them that the Mayor wanted to see them.

They walked to the Mayor’s office to see the Mayor and Loremistress Lorakain Coppersmith. Lormistress Coppersmith again thanked the party for rescuing her from the Dragoons and told them that she knows why they kinapped her. She had found an anchiant underground ruin with untold secrets inside. The Loremistress informed them that while she had not yet been inside, she did conduct some research and found a way of piercing the arcane wards that guarded the ruins and that it would take her several hours to prepare the ritual.

The Mayor personally thanked the Party and said that without their help who knows what the Dragoons would have found and that now with having the Loremistress, they could now start to equalize the battlefield. He suggested that the party take the rest of the day off and meet them in the town square by mid morning. The Mayor also informed them that he had spoken with the innkeeper and had arranged for better accomidations for them.

In the morning, they met in the middle of the town square. Loremistress Lorakain gave Tyvok a scroll that would bring the party back to the fishing village. She then completed the ritual and the party materialized in an anchient crypt only to find that the Dragoons had found their own way in.

After a long fight with an Eladrin Dragoon who was a magic user and some particularly nasty guard dogs, the party was victorious and they found on a desk several anchient vellum scrolls. Kira pried open the lock on a pair of old massive doubel doors and opened them. In the chamber she saw 3 skeletons with massive swords and one in decaying robes.

Pieter was the first one through and barly managed to escape the opening trap door to a pit as he entered the room. Konrad and Keira were then next through. The Robed skeleton sent out a blast of arcane energy that sent Konrad reeling backwards into the pit. Keira was able to disable the pit when Konrad climbed out a few moments later. The Robed skeleton retreated behind his warriors and a gigantic spider emerged from behind a massive pillar in the room. Pieter, Konrad, and Keira delt with the spider and the warrior skeletons as Mikal and Tyvok delt with the Robed skeleton.

The Robed Skeleton moved out of sight from the party members attacking him, towards another set of locked double doors. A moment later he suprised Mikal from behind (having unlocked the door with his key). Despite the initial shock of this flanking manuver, the rest of the party had delt with the warriors and the spider and were quickly able to overcome the robed skeleton.

Searching the crypt, the party found a suit of Gloaming Leather Armor and a pair of Burning Gauntles, as well as a anchient platinum ring of Eladrin origin. Tyvok read the scroll of return and the party appeared in the town square.

Keira and Tyvok took a moment to look at the scrolls and found that they very nearly matched the crude drawings in the dragon cave in the Bullywug lair. Keira was able to compare the landmarks to known islands in the area and found that the island with 2 of the markings on it did not appear on her charts, nor those of the Mayor and the Loremistress did not recall it being on her map as well…..



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