Tales of Lorakain

Session 3

I think that there is someting up there...

After taking a brief rest, the party searched the room and found some small coin and a Staff of the Impregnable Mind, which Tayvok Springfield quickly picked up. Then they heard a gunshot ring out, echoing through the catacombs.

Rushing to retrace their steps, the party found Midshipmen Mirrin sitting up in a half opened sarcafugus with a smoking pistol and a freshly dead bullywug on the floor. Mirrin said she was fine, a bit creeped out by being shoved into a coffin, but otherwise ok. The party went back into the rolling rock room and spotted a concealed door in a small alcove. Opening the door revelaed a rough hewn tunnel leading down. The party venutred forth into the bowels of the mountain.

The tunnel opened up into a massive cavern, so tall that the ceiling could not be seen even with the sun rod. The cavern had 3 tiers and the faint sound of a waterfall could be heard deeper in. On a raised platform a Bullywug Mud Lord was performing a ritual and several of his guards noticed the party enter the cavern, the fight was on. The Party managed to eliminiate half the bullywugs when the Mud Lord finished his ritual and a glimmering portal appeard in his ritual circle and more bullywugs flooded through.

Keira Hawklight had manuved to a place where she was able to gain cover from the javlins being thrown by the bullywugs. Then their was a feasome shriek, like that of a raptor diving from on high, and a black dragon wyrmling swooped down from the darkness and slammed into Kira. Kira barely manage to retain her footing and avoided being tossed down over the ledge like a forgotten rag doll. Pieter Talbot, rushed in to help Kira, wounding the mighty beast with his sword.

Meanwhile, Konrad Hawkwood, Mikal (Michael) Graham, and Tayvok Springfield along with Mirrin were dispatching the remaining bullywugs and their flood of reinforcements. Kira lashed out at the dragon with her sword and opened another nasty wound. The dragon hissed at her and took to the sky disappering in the inky darkness above.

Pieter moved to assault the Mud Lord, while the rest continued to work on the bullywugs. The Dragon swooped down again and spit out an arcing stream of acid getting Mikal, Kira, and Konrad in the arc. Tyvok and Kira struck the dragon again, and again it took to the sky. Pieter dispatched the Mud Lord and rushed head first back into the thick of the fight.

The rest of the party continued to work on the seemingly endless flood of bullywugs. The dragon swooped down from the sky and attaked Mikal with a furrious assault of claws and bites. Mikal swore vengance on the dragon, stepped back out of range of it’s serpentine neck and let loose with 2 arrows, onke of which bounced harmlessly off the dragons slick scaly hide. Tyvok sent another force bolt crashing into the dragon which caused the dragon to once again take flight.

The Party continued to fight and succeded in stemming the tide of the bullywugs having dispatched nearly three quarters of their numbers. The dragon swooped down this time choosing Tyvok and proceeded to leave a vicious laceration on him along with a wound burning with acidic venom left by his gaping maw.

Mikal, seeing the object of his vengance, drew back his bow and let 2 more arrows fly at the dragon. It was only then that he realized that this was not the same dragon that he had sworn vengance upon just a few moments ago. He stood dumbfounded when a second dragon swooped down and sprayed an arc of acid catching most of the party in in (as well as a few of the remainaing bullywugs).

With the last of the bullywugs defeated, the party was able to turn their attention to the 2 dragon siblings and to quickly kill them. Searching the room they found a large amount of cash and gems, a suit of Anklore scale mail, and a Thaneborn Rapier in a crystal clear underground stream. Pieter donned the armor and immediately felt refreshed in the oppressive humidity of the tropics and Kira scooped up the Rapier.

After counting their loot, the party reasted the night, which passed without incident. In the moring light they found an exit to the cave where the river left the caveren in a waterfall. They also found several crude pictograms carved into the cave. Kira and Mirrin scampered down the rock wall while Pieter lowered the rest of the party down to the landing and then followed.

After an hour or so the group came to a clearing where their was a Bullywug war party waiting for them. The party fanned out and rushed to meet the bullywug’s charge. The party was making quick work of the horde when Mikal heard a rusteling in the foliage followed by the bite of a crocdile jaw on his leg. Before he could react, a bullywug darted out of the jungle, stabbed Mikal, and then dissapeared back into the jungle. On the other flank, Tyvok faced the same ambush by the crocodile and the bullywug’s attack was wild and did not strik Tyvok.

Konrad engaged the leader of the warband in single combat only to be delt a crippeling blow by the bullywug commander and was barely able to get away when the leader was engaged by Pieter. The bullywug commander let out a defiant, mocking croak which goaded Konrad back into the fight and with a mighty swing slashed through Pieter and Konrad.

Tyvok wisely cut the gap between him and the rest of the group, while calling upon a pillar of flame to engulf the crocadile on his side. Mikal was not so lucky, after backing up the path and missing the croc on his side it lunged foward and clamped onto his leg pinning him in place. The rest of the party continued to deal with the war party and were seriously thining their numbers. Pieter dispatched their leader and Kira moved to intercept the crocdile that was stalking Tyvok.

With the warband severly depleated and their leader dead, the 2 ambushing bullywugs fled the fight. However, Mikal was unable to loosen the croc’s mighty grip on him and soon passed out from pain. Pieter and Konrad rushed to his aid. The rest of the party was able to kill the crocodiles. Searching the bodies, they found some coin and a Life Stealing Bastard Sword on the warband leader.

After Reviving MIkal, they proceeded along the path and found the natural harbor and spotted the sails of a Kyrandian flagged vessel. They rushed to the beach and established communication with the ship, which sent out a skiff to meet them.

On board was the ships Capitan, Henry Alsoct. After a few pleasent greetings, Capitan Alscot offered to take on the party as passangers for a small sum of 5 gp each and informed them that the ship was heading to Red Dagger Rock. Just then a long blast from a conch shell souded, and was soon joined by over a dozen others as well as the thunderous retort or several hundered croaks. Then a volley of several dozen javelins and darts shot out of the jungle catching some of the crew of the launch. The exhausted party rowed as fast as they could to the ship and sailed off into the sunset.



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