Tales of Lorakain

Second Session

Frogs to the left of, frogs to the right, stuck in the middle with you

The party continued on through the portculis. Down a narrow flight of stairsKeira Hawklight spied a large cavernous room that had 4 stone coffins with embossed tops of dead bullywug heros on them. The chamber was lined with 4 stone statues of bullywugs on each side of the room. Also inside were nearly a dozen bulleywugs engaged in various guard, worship, and mantinace activities.

Keira quietly relayed the information to her companions and killed 2 tree frogs with bilinding speed pefore the Bullywugs were aware of the intruders. After the ensuing melee, Tayvok Springfield founds some loose gems on a crude stone alter and pried them out with a dagger and Mikal (Michael) Graham found a golden amulet among the remains in one of the stone coffins.

The group decided to spend the night in the pool room and cared for Mirrin, who was still stable but comatose. The night passed uneventfully and the group proceeded down through the alter room. Again, there was a narrow flight of stairs going down. Despite Mikal (Michael) Graham’s taunting Keira again scouted forth.

The room was another poolr room with 4 more stone coffins, which had piles of animal skulls stacked on them. On the western side of the room was a pair of sturdy double door flanked by 2 stone platoforms each with 2 bullywugs apparently playing a game with a spherical rock attached to the celing by a chain. They were throwing the stone sphere at the piles of skulls on the coffins. Keira quickly took out another bullywug with one shot.

The rest of the group filed into the room and rushed the bullywugs. The bullywugs were reinforced by 2 more treefrogs who came up some stairs at the back of the platform. Keira, apperently a new target in the Bullywugs tether ball game, recieved 2 staggering blows from the stone sphere and narrowly avoided falling into the pool. Pieter Talbot and Keira charged the platform and attempted to scale the sides. Konrad Hawkwood, Mikal, and Tayvok took the other flank and cleared the opposite platform save of all opposition save a lone Poison Datrer that had managed to avoid all of the arrows and explosions that had been aimed at him.

Keira and Pieter managed to scale the platform and finish dispatching the bullywugs. Mikal (Michael) Graham managed to shoot the Poison Darter on the other platform with a well placed arrow salvo while Konrad and Tayvok assaulted the barred doors, which groaned under their vigerous assault.

Pieter chased down the stairs after a fleeing bullywug only to be intercepted by a guardian crocodile. Keira, jumped off the platform behind the croc and assisted Pieter in combating it, only to herself be charged by a second crocodile which locked onto her with it’s mighty jaws.

Konrad, hearing his companions in danger swung his mighty axe into the door one last time and the reinforcement bar gave way. He shouted some encouraging words at Keira to bolster her resolve as Mikal and Tayvok eliminated the second croc with javelins and magic bolts.

They party thought that they had the situation well in hand when a scouting party returned to assist the beleagured defenders. Mikal and Tayvok removed some of the treefrogs with another well timed volley. Konrad grabbed hold of the rock sphere’s chain and swung down to attack the Mucker that came in with the reinforcements. The Mucker reeled back with the force of Konrad‘s swing and the impact of the sphere, but managed to stay on it’s feet.

Mikal (Michael) Graham and Pieter had a briefe verbal altercation about Mikal‘s use of javelins when he had 50 arrows left. After the fight Pieter collected all of the bullywug’s javelins and broke them in two showing Mikal (who had managed to save 5 javelins) his outrage. Konrad took a tooth from one of the crocs.

After catching their breath, the group decided to ventured forth down the corridor past the now broken doors. This was after a lengthy passionate plea from Konrad Hawkwood to the contrary.

Their they found another room with 2 more platforms and a crude stone tower in the middle of the room. The party cautiously entered the room only to be ambushed by 2 Poison dart frogs from the tower. Keira and Mikal deftly scaled the tower walls and put an end to one of the Poison darters. Konrad went around to the right side of the tower only to be intercepted by a Twitcher, Pieter came to his aid just as there was an ominous stone on stone grinding noise and a larger shereical boulder crashed down off the platform and rolled around the chamber.

Ontop of the other platform was a Bullywug Mud Lord who spat out balls of fire at Keira and Mikal (Michael) Graham nearly burning him to death. Keira bravely jumped from the tower to the platform and engaged the Mud Lord in combat, while the rest of the party manuvered to avoid the rolling boulder. Konrad, Pieter, and Tayvok took out the remaining 2 twitchers and a a mucker that were attacking them. Konrad brought Mikal back from near death, while Keira killed the Mud Lord while narrowly dodging a fan of lightning that he spat at her.

The newly revived Mikal (Michael) Graham took out the last Poison Darter but not befor it could hit poor Tayvok with a paralytic dart trapping him in the part of the boulder. THe poison was quickly overcome by his dwarven resitances and he narrowly managed to get up the nearby stairs before the boulder could squash him.



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