Tales of Lorakain

Session 9
In to the mines with them!

Colette du L’Hommedieu one of the General’s bodyguards had been pushed into and locked inside frantically looked for a means of escape. She tore up a bed sheet to make a rope and drapped it out the window only to find that other then the door, the only exit was an arrowslit. Hearing the commtion outside die down, placed her weapons on the chair and sat down in the middle of the room and loudly announced that she surrendered.

While the party tied up their captive, looked for any notes, and couted their “payment” Keira Hawklight spotted a large number of torches on the outside of the keep’s walls. Several of the Party then went out onto the battlements and saw that the keep was surrounded and that the beseigers had cannons. Konrad Hawkwood and Pieter Talbot noticed that the sourrounding army had the Kyrandian heraldry.

The Party quickly flew the Kurandian colors proudly from the keep and opened the gates. After a quick sweep by the Kyrandian Marines, the Mayor entered followed by Duke Kenneth Greythorne. The Mayor introduced everyone and the Duke hartfully thanked the party.

The party turned over a pile of documents that they had found and Colette to the Mayor and Duke Greythorne. The Duke offered them a meal fitting of a king and their own personal tents. After the celebrations, the Party retired for the night.

In the morning, they were summoned to the Duke’s tent. They were greated by Duke Greythorne, the Mayor, Lorakain Coppersmith, and a half-orc soilder. After exchanging pleasntries, Duke Greythorn informed Pieter that the Church had another mission for him and he was to depart at once for the Kyrandia. He then introduced the half-orc as <toms>, who offered his services to the party.

Loremistress Lornakain, informed the party that after exhaustivly searching the captured documents and information gained from other prisoners, that the reason that the Dragoons had invaded was because their was an artifact of great power or other anchient relic buried somwhere that was accessable by the mine. However, the sources did not mention or know what it was, but apperently it was worthy of risking a war between Kyrandia and Gaston.

Duke Greythorne then presented the party with an exsqisite suit of hide armor and a finely crafted amulet of life along with nearly 1000gp as a reward and thanks from Her Majesty for saving her colony. He also offered them a new job, find what was in the mine and recover it from the Dragoon’s. As payment he offerd all that the treasure in the mine. Konrad Hawkwood pointed out that heir may be nothing in the mine and some gaurnteed compensation was needed. Duke Greythorne agreed and offerd each of them 100 gold soverigns each, the Party accepted and after a brief period re-provisioning themselves left for the mines.

At the mine entrance, they found a small group of guards. The guards refused the offer to surrender and were dut down to a man.

Session 8
Who's house???

The Party, near exhaustion after the fights to hold the lower motte decided to press on, knowing that if the rested they would be surrounded and if the retreated, their gains would be forfit and the information lost, possibly forever.

The broke into the inner courtyard and were met by a fusillade from the castle defenders. The valiently attempted to breach the keep’s baily only to be overwhelemed by the shock troopers inside. Seeing, the proverbial writing on the wall, Keira Hawklight hid and called upon the power of her armor to turn invisible. The rest of the Party was captured and taken to the dunjon.

The Party came to several hours later, split up into seperate rooms and manacled to the walls. Keira had still avoided detection by the defenders. She embarked on a dairing plan to free the Party and other prisoners. Shortly after, the party was free, had regained their possesions, and overcome their captors.

Among the Prisoners was Baron Stockmer, Governor of the colony. He told the Party about a secret servents entrance to his personal chambers. The Party decided upon a two-pronged assault with Keira, Midshipmen Mirrin, and Mikal (Michael) Graham taking the severants entrace while Pieter Talbot, Tayvok Springfield, and Konrad Hawkwood went up the main stairs.

The advanced party snuk up the stairs and burst into the room by suprise taking General Gustav and his dinner guest by suprise. While the main force were able to subue the hall sentries.

General Gustav grabbed his battle axe and attempted to escape down the main hall aided by his bodyguards that were in the other nearby chambers. He ran into Pieter and Tyvok, fighting the remianing sentry. He leveled the head of his axe at the intruders and a fan of hell-flame shot out invigorating the sentry and setting Pieter and Tyvok on fire. This effort proved to be in vain as he was quickly cut down by the party.

Session 7
Have fun storming the castle....

After finishing the fight with the Dragoons in the village, the Party heard a horseman approaching. It was the Mayor’s herold, who informed them that the Mayor had set up a war camp a mile or so back and that their presance was requested.

After a short hike in the waining dusk, the Party arrived at the camp. They were shown to their tents and allowed to freshen up. Later they were summoned to the Mayor’s war council. The Mayor informed them that the Kyrandian Navy had finally arrived and was harrasing the Dragoon’s navel vessals. The navy’s arrivle combined with the Party’s actions meant that the Dragoons were in near full retreat and that many units fighting rear-guard delaying actions. Now was the time to strike at their power base.

The Mayor requested that the Party infintrate the keep in Red Dagger Rock, sieze any documents, a otherwise find out why the Dragoon’s were here. Keira Hawklight, came up with a plan to use the tabbards from the fallen Dragoon’s to attempt to bypass the gate guards after the main daily patrol left. With no other ideas, the Party donned the tabbards and set out towards the keep. They hid in a nearby copse of trees until the last patrol left.

The Party approached the gate, and were challanged by the Garrison captian a Thiefling. Kira lept into action quickly explaining the Party’s presance. They were almost into the castle, when in a final question to Kira, she lost the Thiefling’s trust. He ordered their capture. The party lept into action Kira, Tayvok Springfield, and Midshipmen Mirrin started shooting at the guards inside the barbican while the Rest of the Party left to climb up the walls.

Mikal (Michael) Graham fired several arrows into the wall forming a makeshift ladder for the rest to climb. Pieter Talbot and Konrad Hawkwood were the first to scale the walls soon followed by all save Tyvok. After a fierce battle with the defenders, the Party was soon in control of the lower motte of the keep. On the Thiefling the found a Retributive Longbow and some Fireburst Arrows which Mikal claimed.

They Party then ventured into the keep’s chapel and were best upon by the Dragoon’s High Templar and her diabolic host. After a lengthy melee, the Party prevailed and Tyvok found a Deep Pocket Cloak.

Session 6
Its the Final Count Down! deda du doo Du da dut dut doo Deda du doo

The evening that the party returned from the crypt, the Mayor conveaned another war council. He informed the council that thanks largely to the combined efforts of the Party, that the Dragoons were starting to consolidate back towards Red Dagger Rock and form a defensive perimiter closer to that city. He also said that he had been in contact with the other mayors from other villages and they had sent their militias foward to here and they first members of those militias had started to arrive that afternoon.

The Mayor asked the party if they would continue to help throw back the Dragoons before any of their reinforcements arrived to strengthen their foothold on the island. The Party agreed and they set out first hing in the morning to survey the defenses around Red Dagger Rock.

Just before they left, they were informed by the guard commander that a column of Dragoons was spotted heading south and that if they hurried they should be able to ambush them at one of the farmsteads that lined the main highway. The Party hurried to the farmstead, Keira Hawklight and Mikal (Michael) Graham helped to conceal their companions behind a cobblestone wall. The party waited until the column was in position and opened fire on them. The party made quick work of the line Dragoons and their guard dogs only to find their Lieutenants to be tougher then they had anticipated.

They searched the bodies and found some coin and a healing potion and they heard the hooves on an approaching horse. Readying their weapons, they found the horse to be bearing a messanger from the Mayor who informed them that their was trouble up the road and pointed off to the distance. Looking they saw the standard of the Dragoons and saw a handfull of them ransacking another farmstead. The rider wished them good luck and left.

The party approched the scean and saw a Dragoon in a red tabbard and 3 pink skinned dragoons with horns and black ichor flowing down their bodies, they were armed with heavy evil looking kopesh swords and wickedly barbed nets. The party moved in and the melee began. They soon found that the horned Dragoons were very adept at throwing the nets to engtangle their prey. Keira, Mikal, and Tayvok Springfield soon felt the barbs on the nets dig into their flesh and burn them, while they were pulled next to the thrower.

Soon 2 more Dragoons sprung from the buildings and began to flank the party working attack those that were in the nets. Pieter took down the red clad Dragoon and the situation deteriorated quickly for the Dragoons. One of the Dragoons that ambushed them from the buildings fled the combat while the rest fought to the man.

After taking a few moments to catch their breath and seach the bodies, the party heard a commotion from across the fields. Off in the distance, they could see some more Dragoon soilders, 2 horned pink-skinned individuals throwing flaming balls of pich, leading them was a large human in scale armor bearing a Black Tabbard with red and gold trim and heraldry riding an ebon steed woth flaming mane and hooves. The leader shouted a challange to the Party.

Quickly, the party lept into action with Mirin moving to intercept a majority of the Dragoons. The Dragoons leveled their muskets and shot the party with many of their shots striking home and severly wounding Tyvok and Mikal. The leader closed on his nightmareish steed and swung wildly at Pieter. Pieter, Kira, and Konrad closed and traded blows with the leader.

The leader sensing that he was overmatched, spured whis nightmare into action. The diabolic horse erupted into a cascade of flame and charged madly at the party, knocking several of them prone and spreading a wall of flame in his wake. The horse and rider then vanished into thin air, leaving only a thin sulfurous haze in their place.

Mikal, having been knocked down staggered to his feat and heard the cries of help from Tyvok, who was engulfed in the wall of flame, but nearly doubled over in pain and breathing very shallowly. Mikal took a moment to compose himself and then with a heroic effort, pushed Tyvok out of the flaming wake of the nightmare.

The rest of the party made short work of the remaning Dragoons and their pink-skinned companions. Searching the bodies revealed, 84 Soverigns and 300 Silver Pieces.

Session 5
And though your body fights to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. No mere mortal can resist the Evil of the Thriller!!

The Party, after saying their farewell to Lorakain Coppersmith, started their trek back to the fishing village. During the hike back, the sky opened up with a heavy downpour, slowing down the party. About an hour outside of town they came across a farm stead that was occupied by a dozen or so men of Dumont’s Dragoons, including one mounted on a rage drake. The Leader of the Dragoons issued an order to attack and the skirmish was on.

Keira Hawklight managed to gain entrance into a building and was using that as cover to protect herself from several Dragoons, while Mikal (Michael) Graham and Tayvok Springfield busied themselves picking off several lone Dragoons. Konrad Hawkwood and Pieter Talbot were assaulted by the Rage Drake, but stood their ground.

After a few moments the party defeated the Dumant’s Dragoon patrol and hurried off to the fishing village to escape the driving rain. They arrived at the village exhausted from their midnight ambush, the long day marching, and being soaked to the bone by the rain. The town guard intercepted them on their way to the in and told them that the Mayor wanted to see them.

They walked to the Mayor’s office to see the Mayor and Loremistress Lorakain Coppersmith. Lormistress Coppersmith again thanked the party for rescuing her from the Dragoons and told them that she knows why they kinapped her. She had found an anchiant underground ruin with untold secrets inside. The Loremistress informed them that while she had not yet been inside, she did conduct some research and found a way of piercing the arcane wards that guarded the ruins and that it would take her several hours to prepare the ritual.

The Mayor personally thanked the Party and said that without their help who knows what the Dragoons would have found and that now with having the Loremistress, they could now start to equalize the battlefield. He suggested that the party take the rest of the day off and meet them in the town square by mid morning. The Mayor also informed them that he had spoken with the innkeeper and had arranged for better accomidations for them.

In the morning, they met in the middle of the town square. Loremistress Lorakain gave Tyvok a scroll that would bring the party back to the fishing village. She then completed the ritual and the party materialized in an anchient crypt only to find that the Dragoons had found their own way in.

After a long fight with an Eladrin Dragoon who was a magic user and some particularly nasty guard dogs, the party was victorious and they found on a desk several anchient vellum scrolls. Kira pried open the lock on a pair of old massive doubel doors and opened them. In the chamber she saw 3 skeletons with massive swords and one in decaying robes.

Pieter was the first one through and barly managed to escape the opening trap door to a pit as he entered the room. Konrad and Keira were then next through. The Robed skeleton sent out a blast of arcane energy that sent Konrad reeling backwards into the pit. Keira was able to disable the pit when Konrad climbed out a few moments later. The Robed skeleton retreated behind his warriors and a gigantic spider emerged from behind a massive pillar in the room. Pieter, Konrad, and Keira delt with the spider and the warrior skeletons as Mikal and Tyvok delt with the Robed skeleton.

The Robed Skeleton moved out of sight from the party members attacking him, towards another set of locked double doors. A moment later he suprised Mikal from behind (having unlocked the door with his key). Despite the initial shock of this flanking manuver, the rest of the party had delt with the warriors and the spider and were quickly able to overcome the robed skeleton.

Searching the crypt, the party found a suit of Gloaming Leather Armor and a pair of Burning Gauntles, as well as a anchient platinum ring of Eladrin origin. Tyvok read the scroll of return and the party appeared in the town square.

Keira and Tyvok took a moment to look at the scrolls and found that they very nearly matched the crude drawings in the dragon cave in the Bullywug lair. Keira was able to compare the landmarks to known islands in the area and found that the island with 2 of the markings on it did not appear on her charts, nor those of the Mayor and the Loremistress did not recall it being on her map as well…..

Session 4
Hunters in the Night, exchanging glances

The Party sailed into a smaller fishing village on the south side of the island form Red Dagger Rock, on board the fishing vessle that picked them up. On the way they noticed several large Gastonian flagged warships.

They pulled into port amid considerably more hustle and bustle then one would expect for a fishing ship that was 2 days past due. The Party settled up with the ship’s capitan and disembarked, glad to be in civilization once again. Keira Hawklight, Konrad Hawkwood, Pieter Talbot, and Mikal (Michael) Graham went to look for a store to buy various weapons and munitions, while Tayvok Springfield and Midshipmen Mirrin looked for lodging.

After re-supplying, the group met back at the only inn in the town, which was full with guests. The owner informed them that the inn was full and the only space in town for rent was the inn’s stables. Feeling bad about having to make the guests stay in the stables, he offered them cut rate prices with a free meal, and the group agreed. After a few hours spent relaxing and hearing some rumors about refugees from the north part of the island, the inn chamber was hushed by the town guard and the Mayor entering the pub.

The Mayor informed the gathered crowd, that the rumors that had been circulating for the last several days had been confirmed as true: The city of Red Dagger Rock, had been captured by a detatchment of Gastonians and several of the northern settlements had also fallen into their hands. A small murmor, quickly ramping up to a general clamor spread over the croud.

After regaining control of the crowd, the Mayor asked for volunteers to probe the enemy forces, observe them, and report back and also announced that he, along with other mayors would be forming a milita to secure the southern part of the island until Kyrandian soliders arrived. Several huntsmen and the Party volunteered to perfom the recconisance. The Mayor ordered a round of drinks on the town and told the volunteers to report to the his office in the morning for their assignments. Pieter, not wanting to spend the night in the stables stayed in the inn and flirted with several barmaids and female patrons, eventually hooking up with a elf-maid, named Annabella.

In the morning after meeting with the Mayor, the party departed the village and headed out to investigate some small farms north of the village. After about an hour or so, Mikal spotted a black plume of smoke rising above the hills. The Party climbed to the top of the hill and saw a group of men setting fire to a small hamlet. They raced to the last homestead that was not yet engulfed in flames and interrupted the soilders while they were intimidating a woman in her house.

The soldiers all had a black tabbard that has crimson piping on the edge and a device of 3 crimson 7’s arranged in a circle with the tails all touching each other surrounded by a crimson circle. Konrad recognized the device as belonging to the Gastonian mercenary company Dumant’s Dragoons. Specifically, the 7th redgiment, “Chasseurs Noir” or “The Night Hunters”.

Konrad quickly informed the Party of the Dragoon’s notariety as a top notch mercenary group. When one of them spotted the Party and commanded them to “move along”. Kira and Konrad rebutted with gunshots that took out one of the 4 soliders. The hunting dogs jumped the stone fence and attacked Pieter and Konrad, while the other 3 Soilders fired upon Kira and Mirrin. Mirrin rushed into the frey and tied up one of the dogs and a soilder while Mikal let loose 2 arrows at another soilder. Tyvok took down a dog with a force bolt while Kira dispatched another soilder. With their numbers depleated, the remaining soilders were no match for the Party and soon fell under their blades.

Then, the Party heard the grating sound of metal sliding on metal, as the farm house door opened, revaling a human woman, who introduced herself as Ilyandra. She thanked the party for their assistance and refused to leave her farm. The Party continued north and after about an hour came upon a small trading center with 4 buildings.

It quickly became apperant that something was wrong with the outpost as, other then the Party, no one was outside and the area was generally quiet save some jublient celebratory sounds coming from the tavern. Kira snuck up to a window and saw several Dragoons inside taking liberties with the tavern’s drink and food, also cowereing around a table by the bay window were several locals.

Keira silently started to creep back to her companions, when the Dragoon by the door noticed her and scolded her for having weapons. Keira retorted with a shot from her trusy pistol, which dropped the Dragoon. The Dragoons and the party quickly lept into action, as did the terrified locals who tried to run out of the bar. Some of the Dragoons cut down the fleeing locals and one slid out the back. Mikal went around to the back of the building to get eyes on the flanking Dragoon, only to be met by the butt of his musket in his gut, knocking Mikal prone. Mikal deftly managed to get off 2 shots with his bow and got the better of his assailent.

The party was dismayed to find the stables empty, no carts or wagons in the area, and the provisons and cash boxes drained. They did manage to find some coins on the defeated soliders, as well as some encrypted documents. With the dusk approaching, they headed back to the fishing village.

The village was still abustle and the local inn was quickly becoming the milita headquartes. The Mayor, pleased to see the Party return, asked them what they had seen. The party turned over the encrypted papers and told the mayor of their findings. A while later, the Mayor approched the party and said that the documents contained not only troop strengths, but also notes about a special delivery wagon that would be traveling along the main road heading to Red Dagger Rock this evening. The mayor said it was vitaly important, that that wagon NOT be allowed to reach the saftey of the enemy base and asked the Party to detain it, stating they could keep any money or items that they desired from the wagon.

The Party left the village, Pieter leaving behind another forlorn lass. Under the watchful eyes of Keira, Konrad, and Mikal the party carefully chose the location for the ambush and concealed their positions. A few hours before dawn, the sound of a horse and wagon could be heard along with the steady sounds of soilders marching in column. In front of the wagon the moon light glimmered off of he metal armor of a war dog.

The Party waited until the wagon was in optimal position and lept into action. Keira, Konrad, and Mirrin finished off the horse with ease. Pieter, Mikal, and Tyvok moved to silence some of the soilders guarding the wagon. The guards with practiced precision, fought off the ambush. Keira took am expertly placed bayonet to her vitals. Soon after the ground around her and Mirrin sprouted flaming tenticles that grabbed at both of them. The intense heat was too much for Keira and she passed out.

Tyvok lauched a salvo of spells at the wagon driver and the passanger on the front. A soilder who was left unattended loaded his musket and drew a bead on Tyvok. The shot rang out and struck Tyvok true. Tyvok stumbled back a few steps, only his dwarven resolve kept him from falling.

Keira managed to shake off the gripping darkness of unconciounsess and crawled back into action. She crawled into the shadows and took a few moments to catch her breath. Konrad, seeing her shouted out a few words of encouragement (“Get back into the Fight you yellow bellied scallywag”), before dropping his musket and charging the soilder that had shot Tyvok.

Mikal, having had a bad experiance with the war dogs earlier in the day, decided to make that his primary concern and loosed 2 arrows, one of which shattered on the beasts iron hide the other struck true.

The front passanger, (now the Party could see better in the firelight) had on a crimson tabbard that had the reverse colored device on it. He muttered an incantation, and the ground around Pieter and Konrad blossomed into the firey tenticals, which wrapped themselves around their legs, hindering their movement, and rolled off the side of the wagon.

Keira and Mirrin crawled (walked for Mirrin) under the wagon and caught the red tabbered soilder by suprise. Pieter and Mikal managed to finish off the iron hound and Konrad and Tyvok continued to deplete the ranks of the escorts. The leader fell under the knives of Mirrin and Keira and the last soilder was dispatched soon after.

The Party opened the back of the wagon and found some dry goods, a few casks of wine, a chest filled with coins and gems, and a woman that was bound, gagged, and had a sack over her head. Upon freeing her, they discovered that the captive was none other then Lorakain Coppersmith, the Loremistress of Red Dagger Rock. Lorakain immediately recognized Tyvok and was suprised to see him here. Tyvok gave her the package that he had been tasked with delivering to her. She opened it revealing a wonderfully detailed tome that displayed the history of Kyrandia in both text and lovingly made hand drawings.

Lorakain, told the Party that she would see them back at the fishing village and that she needed to inform the Mayor of a new development before it was too late. Konrad and Tyvok suggested that she stay with them for saftey. She said she could travel faster by herself and that she had a few tricks to avoid her re-capture. Saying her good-byes she vanished into the rising dawn.

The Party searched the bodies and found that the red tabbered soilder had on a suit of Pelarium Chain Mail, which Konrad quickly put on. After surveying their handy work, the party marched “home” to the fishing village…

Session 3
I think that there is someting up there...

After taking a brief rest, the party searched the room and found some small coin and a Staff of the Impregnable Mind, which Tayvok Springfield quickly picked up. Then they heard a gunshot ring out, echoing through the catacombs.

Rushing to retrace their steps, the party found Midshipmen Mirrin sitting up in a half opened sarcafugus with a smoking pistol and a freshly dead bullywug on the floor. Mirrin said she was fine, a bit creeped out by being shoved into a coffin, but otherwise ok. The party went back into the rolling rock room and spotted a concealed door in a small alcove. Opening the door revelaed a rough hewn tunnel leading down. The party venutred forth into the bowels of the mountain.

The tunnel opened up into a massive cavern, so tall that the ceiling could not be seen even with the sun rod. The cavern had 3 tiers and the faint sound of a waterfall could be heard deeper in. On a raised platform a Bullywug Mud Lord was performing a ritual and several of his guards noticed the party enter the cavern, the fight was on. The Party managed to eliminiate half the bullywugs when the Mud Lord finished his ritual and a glimmering portal appeard in his ritual circle and more bullywugs flooded through.

Keira Hawklight had manuved to a place where she was able to gain cover from the javlins being thrown by the bullywugs. Then their was a feasome shriek, like that of a raptor diving from on high, and a black dragon wyrmling swooped down from the darkness and slammed into Kira. Kira barely manage to retain her footing and avoided being tossed down over the ledge like a forgotten rag doll. Pieter Talbot, rushed in to help Kira, wounding the mighty beast with his sword.

Meanwhile, Konrad Hawkwood, Mikal (Michael) Graham, and Tayvok Springfield along with Mirrin were dispatching the remaining bullywugs and their flood of reinforcements. Kira lashed out at the dragon with her sword and opened another nasty wound. The dragon hissed at her and took to the sky disappering in the inky darkness above.

Pieter moved to assault the Mud Lord, while the rest continued to work on the bullywugs. The Dragon swooped down again and spit out an arcing stream of acid getting Mikal, Kira, and Konrad in the arc. Tyvok and Kira struck the dragon again, and again it took to the sky. Pieter dispatched the Mud Lord and rushed head first back into the thick of the fight.

The rest of the party continued to work on the seemingly endless flood of bullywugs. The dragon swooped down from the sky and attaked Mikal with a furrious assault of claws and bites. Mikal swore vengance on the dragon, stepped back out of range of it’s serpentine neck and let loose with 2 arrows, onke of which bounced harmlessly off the dragons slick scaly hide. Tyvok sent another force bolt crashing into the dragon which caused the dragon to once again take flight.

The Party continued to fight and succeded in stemming the tide of the bullywugs having dispatched nearly three quarters of their numbers. The dragon swooped down this time choosing Tyvok and proceeded to leave a vicious laceration on him along with a wound burning with acidic venom left by his gaping maw.

Mikal, seeing the object of his vengance, drew back his bow and let 2 more arrows fly at the dragon. It was only then that he realized that this was not the same dragon that he had sworn vengance upon just a few moments ago. He stood dumbfounded when a second dragon swooped down and sprayed an arc of acid catching most of the party in in (as well as a few of the remainaing bullywugs).

With the last of the bullywugs defeated, the party was able to turn their attention to the 2 dragon siblings and to quickly kill them. Searching the room they found a large amount of cash and gems, a suit of Anklore scale mail, and a Thaneborn Rapier in a crystal clear underground stream. Pieter donned the armor and immediately felt refreshed in the oppressive humidity of the tropics and Kira scooped up the Rapier.

After counting their loot, the party reasted the night, which passed without incident. In the moring light they found an exit to the cave where the river left the caveren in a waterfall. They also found several crude pictograms carved into the cave. Kira and Mirrin scampered down the rock wall while Pieter lowered the rest of the party down to the landing and then followed.

After an hour or so the group came to a clearing where their was a Bullywug war party waiting for them. The party fanned out and rushed to meet the bullywug’s charge. The party was making quick work of the horde when Mikal heard a rusteling in the foliage followed by the bite of a crocdile jaw on his leg. Before he could react, a bullywug darted out of the jungle, stabbed Mikal, and then dissapeared back into the jungle. On the other flank, Tyvok faced the same ambush by the crocodile and the bullywug’s attack was wild and did not strik Tyvok.

Konrad engaged the leader of the warband in single combat only to be delt a crippeling blow by the bullywug commander and was barely able to get away when the leader was engaged by Pieter. The bullywug commander let out a defiant, mocking croak which goaded Konrad back into the fight and with a mighty swing slashed through Pieter and Konrad.

Tyvok wisely cut the gap between him and the rest of the group, while calling upon a pillar of flame to engulf the crocadile on his side. Mikal was not so lucky, after backing up the path and missing the croc on his side it lunged foward and clamped onto his leg pinning him in place. The rest of the party continued to deal with the war party and were seriously thining their numbers. Pieter dispatched their leader and Kira moved to intercept the crocdile that was stalking Tyvok.

With the warband severly depleated and their leader dead, the 2 ambushing bullywugs fled the fight. However, Mikal was unable to loosen the croc’s mighty grip on him and soon passed out from pain. Pieter and Konrad rushed to his aid. The rest of the party was able to kill the crocodiles. Searching the bodies, they found some coin and a Life Stealing Bastard Sword on the warband leader.

After Reviving MIkal, they proceeded along the path and found the natural harbor and spotted the sails of a Kyrandian flagged vessel. They rushed to the beach and established communication with the ship, which sent out a skiff to meet them.

On board was the ships Capitan, Henry Alsoct. After a few pleasent greetings, Capitan Alscot offered to take on the party as passangers for a small sum of 5 gp each and informed them that the ship was heading to Red Dagger Rock. Just then a long blast from a conch shell souded, and was soon joined by over a dozen others as well as the thunderous retort or several hundered croaks. Then a volley of several dozen javelins and darts shot out of the jungle catching some of the crew of the launch. The exhausted party rowed as fast as they could to the ship and sailed off into the sunset.

Second Session
Frogs to the left of, frogs to the right, stuck in the middle with you

The party continued on through the portculis. Down a narrow flight of stairsKeira Hawklight spied a large cavernous room that had 4 stone coffins with embossed tops of dead bullywug heros on them. The chamber was lined with 4 stone statues of bullywugs on each side of the room. Also inside were nearly a dozen bulleywugs engaged in various guard, worship, and mantinace activities.

Keira quietly relayed the information to her companions and killed 2 tree frogs with bilinding speed pefore the Bullywugs were aware of the intruders. After the ensuing melee, Tayvok Springfield founds some loose gems on a crude stone alter and pried them out with a dagger and Mikal (Michael) Graham found a golden amulet among the remains in one of the stone coffins.

The group decided to spend the night in the pool room and cared for Mirrin, who was still stable but comatose. The night passed uneventfully and the group proceeded down through the alter room. Again, there was a narrow flight of stairs going down. Despite Mikal (Michael) Graham’s taunting Keira again scouted forth.

The room was another poolr room with 4 more stone coffins, which had piles of animal skulls stacked on them. On the western side of the room was a pair of sturdy double door flanked by 2 stone platoforms each with 2 bullywugs apparently playing a game with a spherical rock attached to the celing by a chain. They were throwing the stone sphere at the piles of skulls on the coffins. Keira quickly took out another bullywug with one shot.

The rest of the group filed into the room and rushed the bullywugs. The bullywugs were reinforced by 2 more treefrogs who came up some stairs at the back of the platform. Keira, apperently a new target in the Bullywugs tether ball game, recieved 2 staggering blows from the stone sphere and narrowly avoided falling into the pool. Pieter Talbot and Keira charged the platform and attempted to scale the sides. Konrad Hawkwood, Mikal, and Tayvok took the other flank and cleared the opposite platform save of all opposition save a lone Poison Datrer that had managed to avoid all of the arrows and explosions that had been aimed at him.

Keira and Pieter managed to scale the platform and finish dispatching the bullywugs. Mikal (Michael) Graham managed to shoot the Poison Darter on the other platform with a well placed arrow salvo while Konrad and Tayvok assaulted the barred doors, which groaned under their vigerous assault.

Pieter chased down the stairs after a fleeing bullywug only to be intercepted by a guardian crocodile. Keira, jumped off the platform behind the croc and assisted Pieter in combating it, only to herself be charged by a second crocodile which locked onto her with it’s mighty jaws.

Konrad, hearing his companions in danger swung his mighty axe into the door one last time and the reinforcement bar gave way. He shouted some encouraging words at Keira to bolster her resolve as Mikal and Tayvok eliminated the second croc with javelins and magic bolts.

They party thought that they had the situation well in hand when a scouting party returned to assist the beleagured defenders. Mikal and Tayvok removed some of the treefrogs with another well timed volley. Konrad grabbed hold of the rock sphere’s chain and swung down to attack the Mucker that came in with the reinforcements. The Mucker reeled back with the force of Konrad‘s swing and the impact of the sphere, but managed to stay on it’s feet.

Mikal (Michael) Graham and Pieter had a briefe verbal altercation about Mikal‘s use of javelins when he had 50 arrows left. After the fight Pieter collected all of the bullywug’s javelins and broke them in two showing Mikal (who had managed to save 5 javelins) his outrage. Konrad took a tooth from one of the crocs.

After catching their breath, the group decided to ventured forth down the corridor past the now broken doors. This was after a lengthy passionate plea from Konrad Hawkwood to the contrary.

Their they found another room with 2 more platforms and a crude stone tower in the middle of the room. The party cautiously entered the room only to be ambushed by 2 Poison dart frogs from the tower. Keira and Mikal deftly scaled the tower walls and put an end to one of the Poison darters. Konrad went around to the right side of the tower only to be intercepted by a Twitcher, Pieter came to his aid just as there was an ominous stone on stone grinding noise and a larger shereical boulder crashed down off the platform and rolled around the chamber.

Ontop of the other platform was a Bullywug Mud Lord who spat out balls of fire at Keira and Mikal (Michael) Graham nearly burning him to death. Keira bravely jumped from the tower to the platform and engaged the Mud Lord in combat, while the rest of the party manuvered to avoid the rolling boulder. Konrad, Pieter, and Tayvok took out the remaining 2 twitchers and a a mucker that were attacking them. Konrad brought Mikal back from near death, while Keira killed the Mud Lord while narrowly dodging a fan of lightning that he spat at her.

The newly revived Mikal (Michael) Graham took out the last Poison Darter but not befor it could hit poor Tayvok with a paralytic dart trapping him in the part of the boulder. THe poison was quickly overcome by his dwarven resitances and he narrowly managed to get up the nearby stairs before the boulder could squash him.

First Session
The tiny ship was lost...

After setting out from Queenstown, the Moonshadow was happily on her way to Red Dagger Rock. The voyage had been a failure as far as priveteering went, but was otherwise routine.

A week or so out of Red Dagger Rock, a storm came up during the night. The ship’s alarm bell was sounded to summon all hands above deck. The Moonshadow was tossed about on the open seas amd her rigging was torn from the masts. A lighting bolt crashed down upon the ship and sent the mast crashing through the deck. Water started flooding the holds and the mighty ship was lost to St. Melora’s bosom. The crew of the Moonshadow abandoned ship.

Keira, Pieter, Mikal, Konrad, Alexander, and Tayvok awoke at daybrake on the beach of a nearby island. After searching the nearby area, they spotted some debris landing far west of them. The group set out to the west to search the flotsom and attempted to scrounge up some provisons along the coast. Several hours later, they found the debris and the bodies of several of the crew. All of the crew was dead, except for Mirrin, who had shallow breathing, clammy skin, and a high feaver. Among the debris, they found the ship’s lock box which contained 120 gold soverigns (gp) and 2 small vials of healing.

Kiera was able to determine that based on the Moonshadow’s last know position and the wind direction, that they were on a “provision” island that had a naturally proteced harbor on its souther side. She also said that if this were in fact that island their should be a fresh water stream about a half hour from the current position. Mikal saw to Mirrin’s condition and was able to stabalize her. He also spent some time building a travois to carry her.

The group then set off and found the river and started following it inland. After while, the group was ambushed by a band of dwarf sized bi-pedal frogs. Initially the frogs had the heroes on the ropes as they outnumebred them over 2 to 1. Hurling crudely made javilins shooting darts from blowguns. Mikal bravely covered Tayvok by shooting 2 of the frogs and his 2 targets returned the favor and shot him with blow guns that impeaded his ability to move.

Pieter and Kiera rushed foward and slaughtered several of the lesser frog men and Konrad having met the warband’s leader in single combat felled him with onw might blow from his battle axe. The warband began to flee but the heroes cut them down in their flight and only 1 manged to get away. After searching the bodies and tending to their wounds, the party found some coin and a bronze bracer with some crude carving on it. Konrad took the bracer as a trophy from his foe and a reminder of his migthy felling strike.

The party continued along the river and found a fresh water lagoon and water fall that fed the river. Mikal,Kiera, and Tayvok spent some time foraging and fishing and Mikal also saw to Mirrin still unable to cure her feaver. The group decided to spend the night at the lagoon before braving the climb up the cliffs to continue their crossing of the island.

In the morning after spending a few mmoments gathering some more fruit and once again unsucessfully trying to rouse Mirrin, they climbed the rough rock wall by the water fall to a plateau. On the plateau they found their inland progress blocked by the steep mountian spinal ridge of the island. They soon discovered a cave near another waterfall. Cautiously, the party ventured inside.

After decending a some roughly hewn slimy stairs they cam upon a room with a illuminecent pool surounded by a room carved from the surrounding rock. In the room were some more of the frog men who were quickly dispatched and the party set off further into the catacombs past a renforced wooden portculis.

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You have all signed onto the HMS Moonshadow, as crew for the voyage from Lorakain to the port of Red Dagger Rock. Red Dagger Rock is where you contact said there was a wealth merchant, a halfling by the name of Fizby that needed some help there.

The Captian Munroe of the Moonshadow agreed to higher you on as crew one way for a hefty sum of 50 sp each


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